संविधान दिवस : दस प्रहरी

The current unusual Constitutional time, marked by the extraordinary degree of undemandness, is influenced by the ‘Politics of Vishwas’ wherein there is complete immunity to any forms of  accountability, reinforcing arbitrariness- an anathema to the Constitutional Principles, hence Constitutional erosion. The gravity of the situation demands the Percolation of “Constitutional literacy” to the ground level. At a time when the founding principles of Constitution are under attack it’s the duty of the every People to take the Constitution literacy to the “masses”. The “Praharis” ( Defenders) are playing the important role in imparting the Constitutional literacy and thus upholding the Constitutional values. We at SLL look upon them as a torch bearer of the light that Constitution shows, even in the dark time of the Constitutional erosion where State is conspicuously abridging the fundamental right.

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