How Government Used The Pandemic To Scrap Labour Laws

Philosophically, with fewer regulations and laws it is viable to engender more employment in a market, however, practically from the experience of the States that have relaxed labour laws suggests that demolishing worker protection laws have failed to attract investments and boom employment and it can be seen exploitation and deterioration of working conditions of these workers only. There are several reasons for this: a) too much-unused capacity. b) fall in overall demand.

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Israel’s Response to Corona Virus : Surveillance

Since the first case of Covid-19 was reported in the country the Israeli government has been working tirelessly to contain the spread. Its aggressive policies and response greatly contributed to Israel being able to flatten the curve and maintain low cases of the virus. Israel’s adoption of such dramatic measures was seen unwarranted by many. It did not allow foreign travellers to enter the country and quarantined the citizens who had returned very early on. But the country and its citizens have had a cost to pay. In its attempt to crack down on the virus, the Israeli government resorted to several severe tactics. One of them was the surveillance state. Israel’s internal security agency- the Shin Bet was given the power to use covert systems that are used for counter-terrorism cases to track the movements of the citizens. The use of such systems to track movements, health data and other personal details of the citizens has raised some serious privacy concerns in Israel.

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धोबीघाट : ‘महानगर,भूख,हताशा की कहानी’

फ़िल्म के मूल में दरभंगा से भागकर बम्बई आया लड़का (प्रतीक बब्बर) है,जो इस बात के जवाब में कि वह बम्बई क्यों आ गया,कहता है कि 'वहाँ हमेशा भूख लगी रहती थी।' यह संवाद फ़िल्म का डायलॉग भर नहीं,बल्कि सच्चाई है।भारत विश्व में सर्वाधिक भूखों का देश है। 2019 में आयी ग्लोबल हंगर इंडेक्स रिपोर्ट में 217 देशों में भारत 202वें स्थान पर है।

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SC All Set To Use An Ambiguous And Uncertain Tool: Constitutional Morality

By- Saumya Singh The Hon’ble SC through its emancipation project, though, mutatis mutandis, to transformative constitutionalism has resuscitated the ethos of the Indian Constitution, scilicet Constitutional Morality viz myriad of…

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शहर, संस्कृति एवम् साहित्य

[लखनऊ को 14 नवंबर 2019 से पहले अजीज़ दोस्त आदित्य, और अभिषेक की नज़र से समझा, लखनऊ की बात करने के दौरान एक अलग क़िस्म की चमक होती थी इनकी…

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