Caged Democracy and Loud Celebration

Daniel Ziblatt and Steven Levitsky argued in their book “How Democracy Die” that In 21st century, Democracy is threatened like never before. The world’s largest democracy is dwindling in the time when their democratic values are tested more than ever before. The State of Jammu and Kashmir is being caged since one year. A State is depriving its own citizen of the basic human and Constitutional rights, which is nothing but a violation of Sovereign commitment of Delhi with the People of the Valley.
The Valley is still waiting for 4G connectivity in a time when India’s richest man is louding for 5G trial.

How much darkness have you felt in your life? Imagine the Situation of People of Kashmir while enjoying with the OTT Platform. The Cost of this enjoyment in Present democracy is nothing but the Cost of indictment of deprivation of Kashmiris. Amidst the Hopelessnes and despair, due to Health emergency, the People of Kashmir are feeling the ray of hope also seems blink due to the steadiness of Court in the Pending Pleas for Kashmir. Who will Hear this unheard Pain of the Kashmiris? Will you?

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