Not so lovely things sometimes…


Not so lovely things sometimes..
The flowers becomes more lovely
When they fall down and beautify the streets in the Autumn time
The sunshine become more pleasant,
When we fell little streaks of light from between the tall buildings of our eyes
The star become more popular
When it is broken to fulfill the wishes of millions of believes
The moonshine becomes more blissful,
When we look at the moon in an aloof night
The boring old songs become more soulful
When it expresses our feelings we liked,
The sudden rain becomes more refreshing,
When we are busy doing , nothing to do in life
The winters become more exaturating,
When we think about the people who aren’t close to us at
Almost all times
People about whom we might rarely talk,
Who are the reason we have to wait in our life.
They walk alone on those beautiful fallen flowers streets in Autumn time
They feel the streaks of the sun on their eyes
Whenever they see a shooting star
They wish only for the well being of their man
They look at their moon with unknown smile,
Waiting for their man’s return in the aloof night
They listen to some old tracks and hum with them
To get over the uncomfortable emotions forthcoming in their mind
They feel the man’s affection when the rain falls,
As a message from clouds and notifies
Their mind
They just sit by a window with some juice, a paper and a pen
To write down those experiences of past days and stretched nights
They are not only the wives of some husband’s but are backbone of fearless soldiers who fight for the nation
There are several lovely things which fell not so lovely
When we don’t not have someone we can think about until we are alive
There are several alluring moments which spend alone because she is not the wife of ordinary man, she is a wife of soldier.

By : Naina Bhargava
Managing Editor, SocioLegalLiterary
B.A.(h) Philosophy, 2yr
Miranda House, University of Delhi