Institutional Racism and American Democracy

The dehumanization, stigmatization, disempowerment, and criminalization of colored race have rendered nugatory all the campaign towards eradication of racial discrimination. The brutal murder of George Floyd propelled widespread protests and demonstrations, which reflected the years of frustration over racial discrimination and socio-economic inequality. Racial policing and oppression is not a recent event. Eric Graner, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, a boy aged 12, and many more, have already been its victim. The insidious branches of racial profiling have haunted all the institutions including the justice system, which devalued and dilapidated the plight of the blacks. Their incarceration in the matters of drug abuse and police killings is already higher when compared with the whites. Experiencing oppression, bias and prejudices in the form of disapproval and limitations, is not an exception. The Black Community is living in a milieu engulfed by the predicament of nervous apprehensions of ‘I can’t breathe’. Kneeling down on their necks is the embodiment of subversion and cracking down of blacks by racist vigilante, a plague in the American democracy.

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